WERKK awarded with Spring 2020 Best Pop Song award

2020 wasn't all bad- This Spring , WERKK was awarded with the Spring 2020 Best Pop Song award from the World Songwriting Awards.

WERKK was a song I went back and forth on releasing because it adds fuel to the hatred fire.

Not everyone understands or accepts the LGBTQ+ community,

so it's already a song that won't be reciprocated by everyone.

It was sent to distribution in February of 2020 and by May 2020 , & I was heavily debating pulling the song and not releasing it.

I had several friends who had heard the song along with my Momager telling me, "no, release that. It deserves to be heard by any and everyone."

So I released it June 1, 2020 as planned & soon after received an email from the world songwriting awards a couple weeks later telling me it was the last day to submit for their spring 2020 awards.

I submitted WERKK just before submissions closed & July 1, 2020 I received another email from the World Songwriting Awards stating WERKK had received the Spring 2020 Best Pop Song award.

It was a relief for me to know that a song that carries so much importance to me had been reciprocated by more than just the LGBTQ+ community.

I've received several messages of love and support from several people, male/female, straight/gay etc and it was just one more reminder that this song needed to be heard.

Some may not understand the message or think it's just another Twerk song and that's okay

Those who need it know why I put it out there.

This song was intended for so much more than the LGBTQ+ community. It's about loving yourself, embracing yourself, being yourself shamelessly, demanding equality for all, and reminding everyone that we're all human at the end of the day so just spread love.

Official music video for "WERKK"

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