"Come & Get It"-Inside access to The latest album by Karmaa


“Come and Get It” was me telling people to come and get the real Karmaa.

This is the style of music I wanted to create from the start but I allowed outside influence to consume me rather than just be me.

Come and Get It is 100% KARMAA. Take it or leave it, this is who I am and I'm not changing again.

This album was started in January 2019.

That is when the songwriting process for WERKK was started.

As the year progressed I kept going back to that song which initially had two LGBTQ+ features on the song. Due to unforeseen circumstances they pulled out which pushed it to the back burner. But all in all the album took 20 months start to finish.

I didn't have a particular sound in mind entering the studio.

I had ideas in mind and as I searched I came across what I was wanting.

I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to work with so many different producers who are from all over the world. Each producer was very supportive and helped promote the album when it dropped which was important to me because I like to build relationships and grow together rather than buy a beat and it ends there.

I sent the producers the final products for approval and all approved after listening. This project was created by 8 talented artists, 4 dope engineers and 14 incredible producers. We kept working until we all approved of the tracks and felt it was ready for distribution.

All 7 collaborators were hand picked specifically based on beat, song message and artist style/sound.

Each was one I had never featured or worked with, with Mateus Seth as an exception. He's on most projects if not all with me.

Each track had a different mix which we did on purpose.

Come and Get It was very intentional.

Every song had a different vibe. Every track had a different message. Every track was inspired by different experiences or ideas. So every track was brought to life in a different way each time.

I can't pick just one track as a favorite, I love every one.

From “WERKK”- where I remind everyone to love themselves and embrace themselves.

To “Stop Tellin”- where I remind others that I am who I am, take it or leave it.

Lyrically, “Insincerely” is a favorite because I decided to open up and be vulnerable with every dark thought I've had.

These lines were written 8 years ago and are based on a time in my life that was very hard to overcome.

One of my favorite lines from the album is on “Let Me Show You” and it's "you're my target, tongues a bullet, mouth's a louder gun."

This song was descriptive, playful, and relatable.

Another favorite line is from “Girl Power” and the line is, "keep putting women down then wonder why they're going joker." Girl Power wasn't reciprocated by many men but I know women grasped onto and embraced the track because of the meaning and power behind every word.

With this album I wanted to showcase every different side of KARMAA.

From flirty and playful to loving myself and demanding equality to revealing my deepest darkest secrets.

Every song has a special place in my heart because of the emotion, the people who helped bring it to life and because each comes from different times in my life.

Nothing worth creating is easy, we tried the hook 4 different ways on “Be the 1” before I felt it could even be released.

We started with my first recording which I didn't like mixed. Then my engineer took a stab at it and I didn't like that version. We then attempted to use the Legion pre-recorded hook and it just didn't fit. So after two months of reworking it my engineer Mateus Seth gave me a pep talk and after I recorded it I knew before it was even mixed that we had finally achieved what we were after.

Overall, this album has a little something for everyone in my opinion.

It's pop, hip hop, rap, R&B.

To any potential new listener , I don't like being labeled,

I don't believe any artist should ever feel boxed in to one sound

and finally just listen from start to finish to hear and see the picture we intended to paint with Come and Get It.

Some inspirations for “Come And Get It” came from the 90's.

Missy Elliott is a huge inspiration for me, TLC, Salt n Pepa, Aaliyah, Timbaland, Naughty by Nature, Too Live Crew, etc.

And modern inspirations include Fifth Harmony, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Kehlani, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift,

(and don't tell anyone but the show GLEE played a huge role in my creative process as well).

Come and Get it is a special project for me.

This year has been me taking my music back.

Before 2020 I created music to fit in because I thought it would get me noticed quicker.

After I dropped my “Wait, What?” album- I noticed the one song I actually loved from the album had gained the most listeners and streams the fastest.

“Maintain My Focus” was a trial run for me and essentially was my nail in the coffin so to speak to start creating how I wanted to.

That is how “Come and Get It” came to life.

I hope others enjoy it as much as I do.

Get ready because in April COME AND GET IT DELUXE will hit all streaming platforms!


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